Can You Spot What’s Wrong?

Driving up to your home is supposed to be a relaxing experience. You often pull up to your home after a long day on the job. You also might be done running errands for the day, and you are looking forward to having a little peace and relaxation in your home. In such a frame of mind, it is tough to notice things out of the ordinary. Drivers often tune out odd things on the last stage of the journey. However, one man near his home didn’t tune out to miss this incredible oddity. He even shared it with the world.


As he was driving through his neighborhood, he noticed a recently completed home. At first, it looked normal. Then he noticed there was something incredibly odd about the home. Can you see what it is? At first, your mind tricks you into thinking there is nothing wrong. However, after you study the picture, you make a shocking realization. The driveway isn’t connected to the garage! Anyone who wishes to purchase this home will not be able to use the garage at all. It looks like an incredible goof.


Thankfully, people on the Internet have pointed out the error was most likely intentional. The new house is supposed to be a show home. This means people will be walking through it, but people will not be living in it. The driveway is more like a parking lot. If the show home is ever sold, the driveway will be corrected. What an interesting photo!

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