Do You Have Super Vision?

There are eye tests that a doctor can conduct to see if you have good vision or if you need glasses. You can also take one of the many tests online to see if you have super vision compared to others who take the same tests.

One of the latest was created by doctors. It involves 10 questions, and if you can answer the questions, then there is a chance you have super vision. Some of the questions involve picking out a number among others that are listed, but the number that you have to choose is lighter in color than those surrounding it, and there are some questions about choosing the last number you see in a line with fading numbers.

If you don’t do well on the test, it doesn’t mean that you need glasses, but it could mean that you need to visit an eye doctor to have further testing done to see how clear your vision is in order to determine if glasses might be needed in the future. While these tests are for fun in most cases, they can sometimes give a little insight as to how stressed the eyes can be if you are on the computer or read for long periods at a time.


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