If You Have a Dollar Like This, You Are RICH

Nowadays, it seems as though there’s a collector’s market for practically everything. But did you know that a common dollar bill you may have in your wallet could be worth much, much more than its face value? You probably don’t look at the serial numbers on your dollar bills that often, but it may be time to start checking out your change regularly.


In the bottom left and top right portions of your dollar bills, you will see serial numbers. Collectors are currently seeking dollar bills with repeating digits, whether it’s just one or two number repeating, and other strange combinations such as a “double quad.” A double quad occurs when the first four digits are the same and then the last four digits are also the same. Then there are “palindrome” serial numbers, in which numbers read the same backwards.


Really, there’s an endless array of numeric possibilities that please collectors. The only way to know if you have one is to pull out your wallet and then check the numbers of your bills against the coveted numbers listed on serial number websites. You may be surprised by what you find. Who knew that a simple dollar bill could function as a lottery ticket in its own right?

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