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Mother Nearly Passes Out at the Zoo When She Notices This

Going to the zoo is a way to spend a fun time with the family. Angie Widener decided to take her daughter to the zoo one day. It was a typical visit until she noticed something odd on her daughter’s head. There was a ring-tiled lemur nonchalantly sitting on her daughter in her stroller. The little girl was nine weeks old at the time.


Tanganyika Wildlife Park officials in Goddard have seen other instances where the animals come in close contact with the visitors. A giraffe has taken food from hands, and there have been kangaroos that have got in the faces of those who are at the zoo. The zoo doesn’t allow strollers inside the exhibit with the lemurs. The mother decided to take her daughter’s car seat as well as a few toys.


Widener placed the car seat on the ground for a few moments so that she could help her other children feed the animals. An attendant in the park began laughing and told the mother that the lemur was on her daughter’s head. The mother was afraid, but after learning that the animals usually don’t cause any harm, it ended in a laugh for the day and a good photo opportunity.

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