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These 5 Girl Quintuplets Are a True Miracle

When quintuplets are born, it’s often something that doctors and nurses talk about as it’s not something that happens all the time. When a set of five babies were born, they appeared to be healthy. However, when doctors started looking closely at them, they noticed something shocking.

Adam and Danielle heard the news that they were unable to have children, so they decided to enlist the help of a doctor who might be able to help them get pregnant by using various medications before they went through IVF. They tried one last time to get pregnant and left everything in the hands of God.

The couple soon had a little girl. A few years later, they knew they wanted other children. They followed the same medical routine and learned that they were pregnant with five babies. The set of quintuplets is the first that are all girls. They are happy and healthy, growing like normal. Doctors were surprised when they found out they were all girls. The babies were born at 28 weeks, but they were healthy when they were born. Each baby came home when she was ready after spending a few weeks in the hospital. There is a set of identical twins among the babies. The babies are teething, trying to talk and scooting around all over the floor, astounding doctors at the way they are progressing.


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