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Throw Tomato Slices on Compost and Wait 10 Days, Watch What Happens

Gardening for pleasure or produce are often two different endeavors. One would go to great lengths for the visual appeal that landscaping possesses. Produce is a different venture more focused on efficiently and effortlessly growing healthy items for you and your loved ones. With shortcuts and hacks being all the rage, a crafty person has produced an almost foolproof method to grow tomatoes with barely a modicum of effort.

A pot, soil or compost, and one tomato is all the upfront investment you need to get those strong plants to grow juicy tomatoes. Fill the pot to the halfway point with soil. Slice the tomato in three to four pieces like you would when adorning a burger. Place them in the pot not touching one another. Now add a final layer of dirt or compost over it. Keep in mind that you want to barely cover the slices. Wait ten days on average for the magic to happen.

Seedlings will be coming up all over the place poking up from the dirt. Use your best judgment and take the strongest five or some specimens and transfer them to other pots. Now, they will spread their roots and grow up. All the ones that make the final cut can be placed where ever you want to finish the process so they can fruit up in little time. No fuss with little muss as this easy method will keep your larders full of succulent tomatoes all season long.

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