Watch This Croatian Farmer Get Revenge

The idea that revenge is a dish best served cold was on display in Zagreb, Croatia when a farmer named Pavao Bedekovic was able to get back at individuals who had been parking on his land every Sunday, ignoring his protests at the same time. Those individuals, which included both visitors and vendors, had been coming for a weekly flea market that takes place nearby, but the farmer reached his breaking point, which led to his action on November 15.

While the visitors were at the flea market, Bedekovic brought out his tractor and simply began plowing the ground between the two rows of approximately vehicles to prepare for the planting of corn. A video was posted online to document Bedkovic performing this action, which made it impossible for the drivers to leave the property once they returned to the area, since the once-sturdy ground had been turned into dirt that was impossible to navigate through without assistance.

An ironic moment took place when drivers realized that they’d be unable to leave without some form of assistance. That’s because many of them called local police, who indicated that they were unable to do anything about Bedekovic’s actions, since it was his land. Eventually, Bedekovic relented and flattened the ground enough for the vehicles to leave, having made his point about the importance of respecting private property. There’s no indication what those who had been parking there prior to this incident will do, but it’s likely they won’t tempt Bedekovic again.

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