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Watch What This Weird Boat Does

Watching as boats go out to see is exciting for some as they get to see the boats loaded and taking up the anchors before leaving. One man was lucky enough to capture a picture of a large boat, but when he realized what he was looking at, he was shocked.

He was looking at the base of a large steel oil platform. The platform was being pulled by a small boat that didn’t look like it was large enough to maneuver the weight. A frame is on the bottom of the platform with the base on the top so that the platform isn’t in the water. Some of the moving designs are jacketed, which means the platforms only travel in waters that reach a depth of no more than 500 m.

When the platforms are moved, they are fixed to the seabed so that there is more stability. One platform was named Bullwinkle. When it was constructed, it was the tallest oil platform, reaching above the height of the Sears Tower. The platform was placed in 1989. It was a difficult task to complete, but the platform was placed in the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the largest rigs that has been created in the world’s history.

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