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What Sort of Wrist Do You Have?

Everybody has heard about evolution. Evolution is a rather big idea. It teaches us that animals evolve and change over time. This means humans evolve and change over time too! However, many people are suspicious of evolution. This is because the changes to our bodies are so gradual. It can be difficult to visualize humans changing so much over millions of years. Thankfully, a new piece of information on the Internet is helping people understand how evolution is happening right now. That’s right! There are changes in the bodies of some people that illustrate evolution happening right before our very eyes. One of the easiest to see is located on your wrist.

This video shows how the absence of a certain ligament in your wrist demonstrates evolution. Some people still have this ligament. Other people never developed it. The ligament in the wrist has stared to disappear because people do not climb as many trees as our ancestors did. The video goes on to explain other fascinating things in humans that signify evolution is happening. For example, our ears are still trying to move to locate sounds. Perhaps the cutest piece of evidence can be seen in newborns. In the video, you can see how a newborn baby is able to have a remarkably strong grip.

What do you think of these incredible pieces of evidence for evolution? Do you have the ligament in your own wrist? Have you felt the grip of a newborn? Let us know in the comments below!

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