Would You Drink This Tea?

If you get a cup of tea one in a coffee shop and there’s something swimming in it, you may not need to talk to the manager right way. The fish you see here is the brain child of Charm Villa, a creative company based in Taipei, Taiwan.



The creative little teabags start out fairly flat. They’re made of a non-woven Japanese fabric that has been shaped so that when it hydrates and swells in a cup of water it becomes a goldfish. When the consumer pulls the string attached to the fish’s mouth, he makes the little fish swim in his cup.



Charm Villa offers these whimsical teabags in four flavors. Indulge in ruby black, oriental beauty, jin yuan, or rose oolong tea, and enjoy a little company in your cup. The bags are available to US consumers through online mega-retailer Amazon, but the price is probably a bit hefty for most of us to brew a pet daily. A Package of one dozen tea bag fish will cost you $80, and a single bag goes for $15. Prices in Taiwan are less than half that. In Taipei, the box will cost you $30.

That’s still a little rich for me but as a gift to a special friend I might splurge. Would you save your pennies for goldfish tea?

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